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The company was created in 2008 and have an ultra-modern robotic machinery for improved productivity :

 5 computer assisted folding machines - 1 laser cutting machine – 2 punching machine – 1 robotic folding machine



NEORALI has chosen hot-dip galvanizing under high protection as an outstanding anti-corrosion treatment for its products.

Properties of continuous hot-dips galvanized metal sheets: the core is made up of a high tensile steel.


The coating comprises 43,3% zinc, 55% aluminium and 1,6% silicon...


The method of applying zinc ensures, among other things, a sustainable and highly efficient protection thanks to the properties of zinc, which corrodes before the steel.

When the steel is immersed in the bath of molten ZINC, the thermal shock leads to the formation of an iron-zinc alloy that literally bonds zinc layer to the original metal…
The sacrificial action of zinc, because zinc sacrifices itself to the steel !
This phenomenon is known as “sacrificial cathodic protection”.


Through the barrier effect of aluminium oxides which form naturally on the surface of metal sheets with an aesthetic characteristic spangle which does not tarnish. An extended resistance against corrosion is guaranteed (2,300 hours salt spray test for aluminium and 200 hours for galvanized steel).

The hardness of the surface and steel-aluminium make a perfect bond.


Appliying a 2µ-long thermoplastic acrylic polymer film allows the surface to be painted immediately after a light alkaline degreasing.


The most impressive result is how, unlike paint, in the event of damage or ungalvanized parts, the zinc will naturally self-repair due to the migration of zinc salts

   With the utmost respect for the natural beauty of the metal...
   Coated with a unique silvered pattern...
   For lasting protection!