Side lights supports

Supports for sidelights - The supports - Accessories : SBSU049P

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Side lights supports


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Supports for sidelights

Side lights supports

Side lights supports - SBSU049P - Side lights support for FRP vans or folded alu X SBSU049PSide lights supports - SBSU069 - Folded LED side lights support X SBSU069Side lights supports - SBSU070 - Soffite side lights support X SBSU070Side lights supports - SBSU040 - Lights support for the support of side fenders DAF SBSU040Side lights supports - SBSU039 - Lights support for the support of Mercedes side fenders Ategos Actros SBSU039Side lights supports - SBSU051 - LED lights support DAF SBSU051Side lights supports - SBSU051P - Folded LED lights support DAF SBSU051PSide lights supports - SBSU049 - Side lights support for FRP van or alu X SUSB049
Ref: SBSU049P - Weight: 1 kg
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