«SLID'UP» ladder rack


Ladder holder - Accessories : POEC1500

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«SLID'UP» ladder rack


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Ladder holder

«SLID'UP» ladder rack


The ¨SLID'UP¨  system makes it possible to load and unload bulky equipment on top of a vehicle. 

It can carry all types and sizes of Individual Platforms / Ladders / Stepladders.

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Ref: POEC1500 - Weight: 50 kg
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  • Easy handling from the floor through the rear of the vehicle 
    System enabling the vertical unloading to the floor
  • Box with a key locking system
    Hydraulic actuator assistance 
  • Automatic locking enablig safe load securing
  • Light system maximizing payloads
  • Aesthetic, it fits all kind of vehicle.